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Candy Nail Labs

Candy Nail Labs Top Coat

Candy Nail Labs Top Coat

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Australian Made Top Coat 

Experience a brilliant finish like never before with Candy Nail Labs Top Coat. Designed and formulated by leading nail professionals in Australia, this top-notch product ensures your nails not only shimmer with an unmatched gloss but also endure through your daily activities without chipping. Perfect for professional salon uses, this top coat delivers a high-gloss, protective finish that keeps your nails looking freshly done for longer.

Longer Lasting Nails 

Why settle for less when you can enjoy perfection for weeks on end? Candy Nail Labs Top Coat is crafted to extend the life of your nail art, ensuring your nails stay brighter and chip-free no matter what the day throws at you. This durable top coat is a must-have for anyone looking to maintain pristine nails. 

HEMA-Free Formula 

Health meets beauty with our responsibly formulated Candy Nail Labs Top Coat. Free from common harmful chemicals like HEMA, HPMA, HPA, and HEA, our top coat is suitable for even the most sensitive nails. Embrace the beauty of vibrant, durable nails without any compromise on your health. Australian-made and adhering to the highest standards, our top coat ensures you enjoy a premium, guilt-free manicure experience.

How To Use 

Apply Candy Nail Labs Top Coat over your gel polish, and cure for 60 seconds, apply cuticle oil to the cuticle, and use lint-free wipes to remove the sticky layer.

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